We have many members within the state of Arizona selling rust-free, quality automotive parts. All of our members offer a minimum 90 day warranty on their parts. You can search our members combined inventories or send our members a part request by clicking on the parts request and parts search buttons listed throughout the site.

The Arizona Automotive Recyclers Association is a select group of Arizona Auto and Truck Recyclers committed to serving Arizona and the World with quality recycled auto parts, to help our customers, our communities and our environment.


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How We Are Green

Go Green and Save Some Green Using Recycled Parts!

- We’ve been green for over 100 years. You just never knew it.

- It’s clear that the environment is top of mind these days, and for good reason. That’s why you’ll be happy to know that each member of the Arizona Automotive Recyclers Association has been making significant contributions to protecting the environment since day one.

- In fact, the AARA recycles 85-90% of every vehicle we process, saving tons of scrap each year and maximizing the reuse of materials that might otherwise pollute the environment.

- The AARA is a proud member of the Automotive Recyclers Association (ARA), an international trade association “dedicated to the efficient removal and reuse of automotive parts, and the safe disposal of inoperable motor vehicles.”

Facts & Benefits

Benefits of Auto and Truck Recycling


Recycled auto parts are often 50% to 90% less expensive than new parts.


For every vehicle recycled there is a savings of 200 million BTU’s. This is the equivalent of 1600 GALLONS OF GASOLINE ENOUGH GASOLINE TO KEEP 2.3 AVERAGE CARS OPERATING FOR ONE YEAR. Our Industry recycles the equivalent of 31,500,000 BILLION Aluminum cans each year.


Since most new parts dealers do not keep a supply of all parts in their inventory, you can obtain the parts you need quickly from an auto recycler. We keep parts from a wide variety of vehicles. Additionally, if the recycler does not have the part you need, they can obtain it from another recycler through their long line communication system or computer link.


Recycled auto parts are cleaned, checked, and road tested prior to resale. Most parts carry 90 day or longer warranties.


Auto and truck recycling rids streets, highways and landfills of over 11 million vehicles per year.


Auto Recyclers provide about 1/3 of the recycled metal in the United States. This reduces our dependency on foreign metal supplies.


Since recyclable vehicles have a value for the recyclers, they can pay up to 25% of the book value for a totaled vehicle. Recycled parts also keep the cost of insured repairs down.


Auto Recyclers provide an average of 5 to 10 jobs per facility. They pay federal, state and local taxes to help support community services.


Code of Ethics

1. Our members, in accepting membership, agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics

2. To promote the conservation of energy and the total utilization of our resources.

3. To determine, within all practical limits, the quality and condition of each automotive part offered for direct recycling and to represent same accurately. All parts are guaranteed for a minimum of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated in writing at the time of sale. Those companies whose primary purpose is as a self service operation, whose signs read as such and that is advertised as such are excluded from the required warranty. Warranties are provided and supported by each individual member company.

4. To endeavor to accept the social responsibility for good community relations on improving the environment.

5. To be compatible business neighbors.

6. To maintain a clean and non-polluting environment in our businesses.

7. To operate according to the ordinances, statutes and laws of the various jurisdictions governing us.

More Facts About Automotive Recyclers

  • We are the 16th largest industry in the United States with over $5 Billion in annual sales.

  • We recycle over 11 million automobiles, buses, trucks and motorcycles every year, Saving an estimated 85 million barrels of oil that would otherwise be used in the manufacture of new replacement parts.

  • Additional energy and resource conservation is realized by recycling rebuild-able core parts for automotive parts re-builders and scrap metal processors.

  • We supply 37% of all ferrous scrap (iron & steel) to our nation’s scrap processing industry.

  • We help keep our nation's highways and roads clear of abandoned and disabled vehicles by providing State and Local agencies with a place to deposit these vehicles.

  • We hold down Insurance rates by purchasing inoperative vehicles from insurance companies, allowing them to recover some of their losses. Insurance companies are the automotive recyclers major source of vehicles.

  • We reduce pollution. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, when a mill uses scrap iron and steel in place of ore, there is a 86% reduction in air pollution, a 76% reduction in water pollution and a 105% reduction in solid waste.

  • Automotive recyclers sell the majority of their inventory to commercial repair operations; including body shops, new and used car dealers, repair shops and auto and truck fleets. These professionals know the value of recycled auto parts.

  • We offer wholesale and retail customers quality parts that sell for up to 50% less than the comparable new part.

  • We offer substantial warranties on recycled auto parts that often are better than the manufacturer’s new part warranty.

  • We can often locate parts faster than new part dealers because we are linked via Internet and/or satellite Communications Systems to dealers in other cities and states.

  • We sell whole components rather than dozens of little parts, saving consumers and repair shops time and money for repair work.