Yard Types

Full Serve or Self Serve

The AARA boasts some of the largest and best auto salvage and recycling yards in the Arizona! In general, there are a couple different options for choosing an automotive recycler or salvage yard for your used auto parts purchase. You can choose between full service auto salvage yards and self service or “you pull it” parts yards. Both types of salvage yards offer unique advantages based on the types of used auto parts that you are searching for and the amount of time and effort that you want to invest in dismantling the parts that you are looking to purchase.

Full service auto salvage yards in AZ AARA offer consumers as well as auto professionals a “one stop” solution to their used auto parts needs. They typically offer a large and wide variety of late model domestic and foreign cars, trucks, vans and SUV’s used parts with outstanding standard warranties, optional extended warranties and nationwide parts locator services for hard to find or out of stock parts. Most full service yards offer some form of local delivery programs and are willing to ship regionally and nationally. They usually employ a very knowledgeable and experienced sales staff with “customer service” before, during and after the parts sale being a major company focus!

Self Service Salvage Yards or You-Pull-It Parts Yards offer consumers a chance to be “Hands On” with the used auto parts buying process. These companies give the parts buyer access to the salvage vehicles to remove the parts themselves. In most cases, because they operate with a smaller “parts dismantling” staff, they will offer discounted auto parts. The customer is usually responsible for the logistics of the parts. Salvage yards typically open up their older vehicle inventory for Self Service parts and reserve the late model (newer) salvage parts vehicles for full service sales.

No matter what way you choose to go, buying parts from an AARA member yard will always guarantee you the best parts with a guarantee and the customer service to back them up.

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