Warranty & Ethics

Our Members offer a Minimum 90 Day Warranty on their Parts. Many members also offer Extended Warranties. 


Code Of Ethics

  1. Our members, in accepting membership, agree to abide by the following Code of Ethics
  2. To promote the conservation of energy and the total utilization of our resources.
  3. To determine, within all practical limits, the quality and condition of each automotive part offered for direct recycling and to represent same accurately. All parts are guaranteed for a minimum of ninety (90) days from the date of purchase unless otherwise stated in writing at the time of sale. Those companies whose primary purpose is as a self service operation, whose signs read as such and that is advertised as such are excluded from the required warranty. Warranties are provided and supported by each individual member company.
  4. To endeavor to accept the social responsibility for good community relations on improving the environment.
  5. To be compatible business neighbors.
  6. To maintain a clean and non-polluting environment in our businesses.
  7. To operate according to the ordinances, statutes and laws of the various jurisdictions governing us.